Le Dimore del Quartetto


The network of Le Dimore del Quartetto is composed of string quartets, string trios, quartets and trios with piano. 

The ensembles are selected by our artistic director M° Simone Gramaglia (Quartetto di Cremona) who recognises their potential. They are already-stable quartets composed of young musicians aged 18 to 30 years old.  

To join the network, send your application to info@ledimoredelquartetto.eu with:
• your cv as ensemble
• videos and/or records 
• link to your website and/or YouTube channel  

The participation requires an annual fee to be chosen based on the following levels:


€244 / year
(€200 + VAT* 22%)

€183 / year

(€150+VAT* 22%)


€732 / year

(€600 + VAT* 22%)

€549 / year

(€450 + VAT* 22%)


€976 / year

(€800 + VAT* 22%)

€732 / year

(€600 + VAT* 22%)

Click on the button below to read the regulation for entering the network


1. Presence on our website with CV and pictures
2. Hospitality in our network of houses. This includes sleeping for 4 people (not necessarily 4 single rooms), an adequate and comfortable space for rehearsals, and usually a kitchen to prepare your meals
3. Possible employment in some of the most prestigious Italian concert societies
4. Opportunity to receive scholarships and tours of paid concerts from various supporters of our organisation. The number and size varies from year to year. The Quartets receiving a scholarship are selected according to their improvements during the year and ability to benefit of Le Dimore del Quartetto’s network.
5. Possible networking opportunities with music managers, record labels, music critics
6. Possibility to borrow instruments from Bisiach and Verchiani-Farulli collection
7. Visibility on our social media and on press
8. Possibility to record videos and have photoshoots in the houses

The earlier the better, so our team can take all the necessary time to find the best solution for you. In any case, requests must be received at least a month and a half in advance, or they will not be taken into consideration.

It depends on the availability of the owners and on the types of spaces offered. If prepared meals are not included in your stay, you will have access to a kitchen.

Transportation is on you. If the house is not located in a big city it is preferable to rent a car, but we also have many solutions that are easily reachable by public transportation.
Normally yes, but at the end of the 3-year period the artistic director can decide to prolongue your participation.

The possibilities are varied, some are private homes and others are tourist accommodations. Once you make your request, we will provide you with all the relevant information about the house you are interested in.

If the request is made far enough in advance, our team at Le Dimore del Quartetto will work to find you an alternative in the same area.


Yes, you can submit as many requests of residences as you need.



Discover how the logistics behind the organisation of the residency works.