Le Dimore del Quartetto

Terms of Use


Le Dimore del Quartetto has realized the website https://www.ledimoredelquartetto.eu/ (here and after “the website”) with the aim of publishing data and documents related to its activities and structure.

This document provides the legal notes regarding the use of the website.

The present document can be modified in any moment and without any need of notice. The user is therefore invited to regularly take vision of the updated version of the legal notes, available and always accessible from any page of the website by clicking on “legal notes”


The visualization, download, and any use of the data published on the website implicates the acceptance of the present legal notes and the license conditions under which they are published.
The website and its contents can be used only for personal use (such as personal information, research, study purposes…)

The reproduction of the website contents is not allowed.
In all cases, the user cannot use or let others use, the website contents for commercial purposes. All use or attempt to use for commercial purposes and economic gain from the users is therefore expressly forbidden, and will be pursued according to the applicable copyright law.

Website use and download

Le Dimore del Quartetto is committed in ensuring the quality of the information published on the website, its integrity, update, completeness, promptness, ease of consultation and accessibility.

For any signal or suggestion please contact info@ledimoredelquartetto.eu

Access to external linked websites

The links to external websites, provided within this website, are provided as service for the users. Le Dimore del Quartetto excludes any responsibility on the correctness and completeness of the links provided.

The indication of the links does not imply from the Association Le Dimore del Quartetto any type of approval or sharing of responsibility on the legality, completeness and correctness of the information contained in the linked sites.


Users privacy is very important. Therefore, a privacy policy has been established and the user should read it and, by navigating the website, approves it.

Social media

Le Dimore del Quartetto uses social media for institutional aims, for increasing its transparency, the knowledge of its activities: informes, communicates, listens and publishes contents with educational aims.

The published content includes, pictures, videos, press releases, general information and news related to the activities of the Association Le Dimore del Quartetto. It also publishes opportunities for the active involvement of the citizens in the activities of the Association.

Through its social media, Le Dimore del Quartetto, can share and relaunch contents and messages of public interest and public use, published from other users.

Le Dimore del Quartetto’s social media are constantly and systematically monitored.

Le Dimore del Quartetto manages its communication and dialogues within its social media profiles asking its users to respect the following simple rules.

  1. Everyone can express his opinion with decency, measure, respect.
  2. On social media each individual is responsible for the contents they publish and for the opinions they express. Offends, vulgarities, obscenities, threats, violent and defamatory behaviours will not be tolerated.
  3. The published contents always need to respect the privacy of the people. One must avoid all references to personal facts or details that affect the personal sphere.
  4. It is essential that the content published has a link with the activities of Le Dimore del Quartetto: it is not possible to use these spaces for aims that differ to the institutional aims carried out by the Association.
  5. All discussions are linked to a specific theme: all participants are asked to respect it.
  6. No form of advertising, spam, promotion of personal interest or illegal activities is tolerated.
  7. Contents violating copyright law or the use of non authorized brand  are not allowed.

In all cases, when social media allows it, the staff will remove all posts, comments or audio/visual material that:

  • Have an inappropriate language and a tone which can be considered: threatening, violent, vulgar or disrespectful
  • Contain unlawful content or incitement to carry out illegal activities
  • Have contents which are offensive, misleading, alarmist or which violate the rights of third parties
  • Disclose personal data and information or that may cause damage or harm the reputation of a third party
  • Present contents that are obscene, pornographic or with child pornography content, that can offend the user’s sensitivity
  • Have a discriminatory content regarding gender, race, ethnicity, language, religious beliefs, political opinions, sexual orientation, age, personal and social conditions
  • Promote or support illegal activities, which infringe copyright or misuse a registered Trademark.

For those who repeatedly violate these conditions, Le Dimore del Quartetto reserves the right to ban those who persist in such activities  (when possible after a first warning) to prevent further interventions , and to report the user to the managers of the platform and eventually to the law enforcement officers.