Le Dimore del Quartetto


Le Dimore del Quartetto, besides the organisation of artistic residencies and concerts for string quartets and trios, takes care of  diversified projects having the same mission: the enhancement of the territory and the historic heritage, and the support of young musicians.


ARCHILLUM | Itineraries of Music and Discovery is a widespread festival aimed at enhancing the heritage of hidden and less-known territories and the String Quartet repertoire played by outstanding young ensembles. A series of concerts hosted in various historic houses scattered all over the territory encourages the audience to discover the region.

ARCHIPELAGO is a concerts series  during which the European ensembles of Le Dimore del Quartetto’s network study and work together with young piano, viola and cello soloists. The final concert takes place in the stunning Auditorium “Lo Squero”, in front of the Venetian lagoon.


ESPRESSO MASTERCLASS is a few-days advanced masterclass organised by Le Dimore del Quartetto. The ensembles get the chance to attend intense chamber music classes with renowned international teachers in historic houses. Students also perform concerts, putting into practice the repertoire they have been studying during those days. The ensembles are winners of scholarships allowing them to participate to the masterclass for free.

MUSIC WITH MASTERS | Advanced Musical Masterclasses is a course of high musical specialisation that takes place in Pistoia (Tuscany) in September. Classes are held by the most famous maestros coming from all over the world. It involves the whole citizen body with lessons, concerts and encounters in the most beautiful historic rooms of the city.


FOURISMORE | 1+1+1+1 = much more than 4 The String Quartet as a metaphor for collaboration. Multimedia team-building tool for understanding and reflecting on different topics such as trust, creativity, diversity, shared leadership, FOURISMORE familiarizes also non-experts with the noble principles that guide the work of a string quartet and suitably introduces them to c-level teams.


FOURFUN is a musical journey based on a direct dialogue between musicians and young students, without the barriers erected in a concert hall. It allows students to work in a team as if they were a string quartet. During a meeting, moments of musical performances, lectures and workshops will alternate. 


ANDANTE PRESTISSIMO are tailor-made travel itineraries organized by Le Dimore del Quartetto. The concerts of the Quartets in the houses of our network are the leitmotif  of a journey that aims at discovering the most extraordinary territories and the hidden gems of our immense Italian heritage.