Le Dimore del Quartetto


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The Spalletti family, a family of merchants since 1500 from Canton Ticino, with the Aquisgrana Treaty in 1748 exploited the European peace and started commercial relationship with the southern regions of the Hasburg empire.

The family bought lands in the area of Mantova and Reggio Emilia, and participated actively in the agricultural industrialisation of the XVIII century. The new lands, in fact, were strategic points for the logistic and for the trade, and enjoyed the benefits of agricultural richness. It was thanks to these factors that the Spalletti Family became entrepreneur in the region of Emilia Romagna: they started renting their lands to the local farmers, and created a business, together with the Trivelli family, for the production and trade of silk. The two families joined together after deals and marriages, and consequently increased their patrimony: at the end of the century, the Spalletti Trivelli family owned lands all over the region, and invested in agriculture and farming for the production of the precious Grana cheese.

Beginning 800s, Giovanni Battista, son of the Aristocrat Venceslao Spalletti, inherited the patrimony of the father. The modern technologies of that epoch used in the construction industry, in the production, in the genetic selection of livestock, and the innovative agricultural equipment, made it possible to the family to gain wealth and richness. The estates of Montecchio, Sant’Ilario and Calerno, became flourishing companies extended for more than 750 hectares, with cultivated camps, farms, cellars and stockrooms for the production of cheese, and workers, peasants and artisans. Moreover, the family has always demonstrated its generosity financing schools and hospitals.

Not even the tornado, that surprised  the lands of the family at the beginning of 1900s, was able to hinder the activities of the Spalletti Trivelli, which right after dealt with the construction of a modern water supply network. This new commitment gave job to hundreds of workers in the area . After the second World War, during which part of the estate hosted a military hospital, and with the industrialisation of the last century, the farmlands started depopulating because people moved to the cities. However, the family maintained the nowadays most beautiful and important villa of the area: Villa Spalletti Trivelli.