Le Dimore del Quartetto


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The actual aspect of Villa Negri Arnoldi alla Bianca and its interior structure take us back to the beginning of the 18th century, when, as confirmed in a document found and kept in the “salotto verde” (the green room), a rich and powerful lady from Spoleto, countess Lavinia della Genga Accoramboni, restored and enlarged this “casino di campagna”(countryside lodge), devoting it to the idling and hunting pleasures. Before, the building was supposedly an inn for the pilgrims visiting the contiguous shrine (Santuario della Madonna della Bianca), built in 1530. In fact, three rooms of the ground floor represent the primitive part of the building, having a structure with big vaults, dating back to mid-16th century, which means they have the same age of the shrine.
Afterwards, around the 19th century, the Villa was bought by the Fratellini family from Campello, which enlarged it with new appurtenances, as stables, woodshed, aviary, the pigeon loft on the top of the “torretta” (typical element of the Umbrian architecture), the grotto-ice house in the underground, etc… The Fratellini also embellished the 2 hectares’park, with native and rare plants and did paint frescoes in many rooms of the house, with floreal motifs (as the lobby, the entrance, the billiard room). In 1885, count Luigi Arnoldi, established judge in Rome, bought the entire property from Filippo Fratellini. From that time the Villa has been kept in its original structure (except the convertion of the stables in a living-room and some other little practical changes), maintaining its sober charm of ever, thanking to the heirs, counts Negri-Arnoldi and Ojetti, which have been lavishing care and attentions to the house.