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Mariam Vardzelashvili, piano
Vira Zhuk, violin
Nemanja Stanković, cello
Trio Immersio is one of the most notable piano trios of the young generation in Austria. Since the very idea of piano trio was born and came to rise in Vienna, the legendary capital of music,  Trio Immersio is particularly passionate about carrying  the tradition of the genre in the most authentic way, with remarkable sensitivity to the changes and historical development that the piano trio has experienced over the centuries. The intimate bond that Trio Immersio has with the musical culture of the city is particularly expressed in their interpretation of works by J. Haydn, L. Van Beethoven and F. Schubert.
Founded in 2013 the trio won Suzuki-Enami Foundation prize at the 2013 Fidelio competition within two months of its existence and has been distinguished with a number of awards and prizes since, notably with the the prestigious ‘New Sound of Austrian Music’ program of the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs given to select musicians to bear the honor of representing the musical culture and traditions of Austria all over the globe. Trio Immersio is also the winner of Bank of Austria Arts Prize 2016 , and is a proud member of the Le Dimore del Quartetto association.
Trio Immersio has performed at prestigious venues such as the Musikverein Wien, Wiener Konzerthaus, RadioKulturhaus Wien, Flagey in Brussels, Royal Danish Opera, Teatru Manoel in Malta, Theatre Sorano in Dakar, CRR Concer Salonu in Istanbul, Schönberg Centre, Ancient Amphitheater in Bodrum, Kyiv Philharmonie, Georgian National Parliamentary Library, to name a few. Concert tours outside of Europe have taken Trio Immersio to  the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Japan. In 2019-20 Trio Immersio has expanded its geography to Africa, with performaces in Senegal, South Africa and Tunisia, including the prestigious Carthage festival.Trio Immersio has performed at prestigious festivals such as the 30th Morelia Festival in Mexico, 45th International Istanbul Music Festival, Austrian Spring, etc.
The exciting repertoire of Trio Immersio spans three centuries and includes works from classical era to modern day. Along J. Haydn, L. van Beethoven and F. Schubert significant portion of the repertoire is dedicated to masterpieces by J.Brahms, M.Ravel, G. Faure, D. Shostakovich and Ch. Ives  just to name a few,  as well as working with major Austrian, German, French, American, Ukrainian, Georgian and Serbian composers.  A constantly growing number ofcommissioned works and premieres by Trio Immersio is an exciting exploration of the direction and shape the genre of piano trio is taking, and gives the trio an opportunity to directly influence and participate in the repertoire created for the future.
Trio Immersio promotes chamber music as a lifestyle and believes in full immersion into the sound world of vivid emotions, colors and ideas. Their particular authenticity and sincerity has gained Trio Immersio special connection with the audiences in Europe, North America and Asia.