Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Lucile Dugué , violin
Siméon Labouret, violin
Oriane Lavignolle, viola
Carolane Gonin-Joubert, cello

Quatuor Malinconia was born in September 2016, after a meeting during an internship with Quatuor Debussy. Then, they moved in Yannick Callier’s chamber music class in CRR de Lyon. In July 2017, 2018 and 2019, they took part in the Académie des cordes en ballade, at Bourg Saint-Andéol (Ardèche).

Since 2016, they have had the opportunity to perform in several french venues. In November 2018, they were invited to join the Notenspur Project, wich allowed them to perform in Leipzig, Germany. During January 2020, they joined the Tremplin pour jeunes quatuors, organized by Philarmonie de Paris.

Quatuor Malinconia is also particularly committed for everyone’s access to music, thus playing in schools, reception centers for children with disabilities, retirement homes, etc.

In 2019, they premiered the “4 miniatures pour quatuor à cordes”, composed by Frédéric Gonin, who dedicated the piece to them.

On the occasion of masterclasses, the four young musicians have had the chance to benefit from Quatuor Akilone’s, Florin Niculescu’s, Christophe Colette’s and Cédric Conchon’s useful advices. 

They are currently studying in Quatuor Debussy’s class in Lyon, while they continue studying music towards a professional path in Paris and Lyon.

Since April 2020, Quatuor Malinconia has been supported by Fondation Véronique Daverio. Around the same time, they have also been selected to join the network Le Dimore del Quartett