Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Palazzo Malmignati is an imposing building overlooking the Adigetto, along the San Biagio di Lendinara riviera, in the province of Rovigo.
Probably built on the ruins of the medieval castle of the Cattaneo family, lords of Lendinara, the palace was built around 1705 and around 1716, according to a project by Lorenzo Malmignati and his wife Elisabetta Lupati. The current layout of the building remains faithful to the original project, whose strength was and remains the monumentality of the two facades.
In the 1990s this property and other possessions of the Malmignati family were sold.
This palace was sold to a private company, which made some changes to the ground floor. Auctioned ten years after the last transfer of ownership, in 2018 the building was bought by a private individual.