Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Palazzo Brancadoro, that rises in the medieval streets of the historic center of Fermo, dates back to the end of the 17th century, precisely to 1669.
It was the residence of Cesare Brancadoro, belonging to one of the oldest patrician families in the city.
Born in 1755 by the Count Giuseppe and Giulia Massi, Cesare was promoted to a priestly career and on 23 February 1801 he was named cardinal with the title of S. Girolamo dei Croati.
He died in the archdiocese of Fermo on 12 September 1837, at the age of 82.
In the early 1900s, the noble floor of the palace was purchased by the Danielli family, who still owns it and still lives there. Over the years, numerous restorations and conservation interventions has been carried out to preserve their artistic and historical value.
For over a year, Paola and Anna Danielli, passionate about music and art, organize chamber music and jazz concerts.
Last December ended the first music festival 2017-2018, hosted in the frescoed rooms of the house, including the large ballroom, with its mirrors and decorations of the liberty era, where brilliant musicians performed and entertained the audience with virtuosity of high artistic value and engaging melodies.
And it is precisely from this love for music and art that, in the course of 2019, Anna and Paola Danielli set up the cultural association IL CIRCOLO DI AVE in Fermo, with the aim of promoting emerging musicians and spreading the music of established artists through meetings and convivial moments.