Le Dimore del Quartetto


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The Mulino di Rovezzano sees its origins in 800 D.C, where the families of millers worked wheat and spelt. In the following centuries it underwent various changes, and became a convent in 1300, a period in which 4 towers were built to protect the inhabitants. The mill activity continued until the end of the 1800s and was later bought by the son of the sculptor Giulio Monteverde to make it his residence.

The house, made unique by Giulio Monteverde’s sculptures in the courtyard and in the interior, is furnished mixing various styles and eras with testimonies of the trips made by the different members of the Monteverde-Cammarata family in throughout time, with works of art, paintings and sculptures. With a very bohemian atmosphere, the Mulino even if divided into 3 houses has remained in the same family since, which has always cultivated the same values and is characterised by a great love for history, music and art.