Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Mare Culturale Urbano is an Urban Cultural Centre in Milan.

Here at MARE, we share a vision of bringing local and international communities together through culture and art. We are looking to build a stronger relation between artistic knowledge and practices in order to spark off a cultural contamination that will have internationally reaching effects and an effective social impact on the local level.

It will be located in two spaces, 300mt far from each other, in the west side of the city:

  • A brand new complex – almost 9.000 m2 – including 2 theatre/music venues, 3 movie theatres, rehearsal studios, recording studios, exhibition spaces, residences for artists, bar, restaurant and bookshop.
  • A XVII century farmstead (Cascina Torrette di Trenno), some 1700 m2 including the internal open-air courtyard, where spaces for social activities, workshops, co-working, common library, music rehearsal spaces, bar and restaurant will find place (open since May 2016).

It is a project where to create, to experiment and to present art (theatre, music, visual, cinema, dance, art crafts), hyper-local, international and cross-border. It is the first Italian experience to merge artistic creation, social activities and cultural initiatives, founded on artistic residences.

MARE aspires to create a strong relation among artistic knowledge and practices in order to foster a cultural contamination capable of inspiring local and international communities.

The economic-financial sustainability results from cultural, social initiatives and commercial services and for-profit activities; mare merges a business oriented model with a preeminent attitude for social consciousness.