Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Le Baggine was born in the 1400s, as a storehouse for agricultural products and tools, immersed in a valley hidden between the hills of Lucca, in an area rich in water springs. In the eighteenth century the farm took the name “Le Baggine”, and a delegation of friars settled there, further expanding the structure by inserting the mill that is still present and the two overlying rooms, connecting the various rooms with a channeling system in able to quickly transfer products to the ground floor, used for processing.
 Over time the house has been furnished and decorated with objects of typically ecclesiastical environments, which differentiates it from the classic farmhouses, making it unique in its kind. In 1986 the farm resumed life after thirty years of neglect, and for twenty-five years great renovations were carried out, with great dedication and sacrifice on the part of the owners, in love with this magical place.