Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Da Won Ghang, violin
Marina del Fava, violin
Elisa Barsella, viola
Rachele Nucci, cello

The Dulce in corde Quartet is young and has its roots in the love for playing music together and for chamber music. Its name comes from latin and it means “sweetness in the heart”, that is reflected in the sound.

The quartet performed in Lucca at Chiesa di San Francesco, within the festival “Il Settecento musicale a Lucca”, at Chiesa di Santa Caterina for “The string quartet from Lucca to Wien”, at Villa Bottini for “Festival del nuovo Rinascimento” and at the Bothanical Garden for “Il Canto degli Alberi”. They collaborated with the Centro Studi Musicali “F. Busoni” in Empoli and with different institutions in the Tuscan province of Lucca. They have been studying under the guidance of Gabriele Bellu in Lucca and Jorg Winkler during the chamber music courses of Centro Studi Musica e Arte in Florence. They also took part in Music with Masters, an advanced musical masterclasses in Pistoia (Tuscany) held by Quartetto di Cremona, Eckart Runge (Artemis Quartet) and Sergei Bresler (Jerusalem Quartet).

They are currently studying under the guidance of Quartetto di Cremona at the Walter Stauffer Academy in Cremona (Italy).

In 2020, the quartet has been selected to take part in Le Dimore del Quartetto.