Le Dimore del Quartetto


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The village of Colognola has a long agricultural heritage, emphasized by the name of the village, which starting in the 11th century indicated the existence of an ancient farming settlement called “Coloniola”, i.e. small farmstead.
The earliest documentation of the agricultural settlement in Colognola dates back to the land registry created by the City of Perugia between 1339 and 1361, which identified the settlement as several houses, the church and the farming structures. Colognola has not changed much over the centuries, and retains its original appearance of a small agricultural settlement built around a Church.
Between 1500 and 1900 the land was united under a single owner. The farmlands, farmhouses, manor house, mill, oratory and court passed from hand to hand over the generations until 1926, when Pio Dominici fell in love with the charm and grandeur of the estate and decided to restore it to its former glory by purchasing the whole lot from the Marquis of Tuscany.
Initially conceived as a private residence but damaged over time by wars and earthquakes, in 2007 it was finally restored through a conservation effort that has made it one of the most evocative locations in the Perugia region today.
The luxurious apartments overlooking the surrounding countryside are a magical place where you can spend your days in tune with nature and celebrate unforgettable experiences. Borgo Colognola, in addition to its square with extensive lawns and gardens, has ideal facilities for weddings, events and conferences. A small Baroque Church embellished with seventeenth century altar framing completes the list of beautiful spaces available for receptions.