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Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Its budget of €14.7 billion will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, and gain experience abroad.

Set to last until 2020, Erasmus+ doesn’t just have opportunities for students. Merging seven prior programmes, it has opportunities for a wide variety of individuals and organisations.

The aim of Erasmus+ is to contribute to the Europe 2020 strategy for growth, jobs, social equity and inclusion, as well as the aims of ET2020, the EU’s strategic framework for education and training.

Erasmus+ also aims to promote the sustainable development of its partners in the field of higher education, and contribute to achieving the objectives of the EU Youth Strategy.

The European Commission, through the Erasmus+ programme, has awarded a grant for the support of MUSA project taking place from October 2020 to October 2020.

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The Cariplo Foundation is a modern-time organisation with specific operational strategies, staffed with young, specialised personnel, equipped with the structures and the tools suitable to implement modern philanthropy initiatives, and to give ideas a future.

Its mission, role and operational strategy contribute to outline the profile of a foundation which acts as an entity that anticipates emerging needs – or selects deep-seated yet still unmet needs – tries new solutions to respond more effectively and less costly to them, and ultimately makes its best endeavors to disseminate successful solutions.

The project iC-innovazioneCulturale (innovazione culturale) has been launched in 2013, with the aim to sustain the creation and the development of start ups with high cultural innovation.

In 2018, Le Dimore del Quartetto has been selected by Fondazione Cariplo among the 20 winners (out of 321 participants from all over Italy) of the “Cultural Innovation” call


Europa Nostra was founded on 29 November 1963 in Paris. For over 50 years, we have celebrated, protected and lobbied for cultural heritage. Europa Nostra is today recognised as the most representative heritage organisation in Europe with members from over 40 countries.

The EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards (as of 2019 the European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards) was launched in 2002 by the European Commission and has been organised by Europa Nostra ever since. The Awards promote best practices related to heritage conservation, management, research, education and communication. In this way, the Awards scheme contributes to a stronger public recognition of cultural heritage as a strategic resource for Europe’s society and economy.

In 2019, Le Dimore del Quartetto is among the winners of the European Heritage Award / Europa Nostra Award, the most prestigious prize in Europe, in the “Education, training and awareness” category.

Since Le Dimore del Quartetto started in 2017, Fondazione Berti has concretely supported our activities.

Importance of value and responsible commitment

The Bracco Foundation is proud to have its roots embedded in the wealth of values firmly upheld by the Bracco family and company for 90 years, the primary value being that of corporate social responsibility. The core mission of the Foundation is to create, promote and propagate expressions of culture, art and science, as a way to improve quality of life and social cohesion. Particular attention is paid to the role of women and the young in the various aspects of life.

Since 2019, Fondazione Bracco has concretely supported our activities.

The Fondazione CRT – Cassa di Risparmio di Torino is a private not-for-profit entity started by in 1991. For 28 years it has been one of the development and growth leaders of Piedmont and Aosta Valley as far as three macro-areas regard: Arts and Culture, Research and Education, Welfare and Territory. Thanks to its resources and projects, it enhances arts and cultural activities, it promotes scientific research and education, and it supports innovation and social entrepreneurship. In addition, it assists people in need, it focuses on environmental protection, on civil protection and on first aid. 

Since its creation, the Fondazione CRT has been distributing resources for 1,9 billions of euro and it has allowed over 40,000 interventions for the territory, which have always taken care of the need of the territory, of the communities and institutions. 

The Fondazione CRT has awarded a grant for the support of Le Dimore del Quartetto’s 2019 and 2020 activities in Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta.

Fondazione CR Firenze is a foundation with banking origins, a not-for-profit institution with social interest. It works on an attentive program of investments and projects on the territory of Florence, Grosseto and Arezzo.

The areas in which the Foundation works are: promotion of culture and art, together with conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage; environmental and agricultural protection; scientific research and technological innovations, also in the medical-sanitary field; growth and youth education; volunteering and solidarity.

CR Firenze Foundation has awarded a grant for the support of Le Dimore del Quartetto’s activities in Florence and in the provinces of Grosseto and Arezzo for the years 2020 and 2021

ITSRIGHT is a collective management organisation founded in 2010 to manage, in Italy and abroad, neighbouring rights’ revenues due for any kind of public use of recorded music, in compliance with the Italian Copyright Law. Our mission is to ensure a global, competent and transparent way of collecting and distributing compensations due to performers, orchestra and chorus conductors, solo and orchestra musicians, artistic producers, record companies. With a professional and customer-oriented organisation, an integrated approach to the business and an international dimension, ITSRIGHT is a leading company providing high-standard services that guarantees you a transparent and efficient way to distribute your neighbouring rights’ compensations.

ITRIGHT has been the first supporter of Le Dimore del Quartetto in 2018

Since the beginning in 2017, Fondo Morosini has supported our activities by donating scholarships to young ensembles selected by Le Dimore del Quartetto.

The Fondazione Brivio Sforza was born in 2012 with the aim of encouraging the collection of testimonies, the preservation, enhancement and knowledge of the historic, cultural and artistic heritage of the Brivio Sforza, Trivulzio and Barbianodi Belgiojoso d’Este families.
The foundation preserves the collection of documents, correspondences and books of the archive that has been built up throughout the past centuries.
In order to favor the confrontation and involvement of scholars, artists, both private, public, national and international institutions, it promotes the studies related to the history of their families through cultural events taking place at Palazzo Brivio Sforza in Milan and at Villa Belgiojoso in Merate (LC).

Since 2019, Fondazione Brivio Sforza has supported our activities by donating scholarships to young ensembles selected by Le Dimore del Quartetto.

The Studio Michele Assini – Dottore Commercialista was started by in 1993. Today, it is split into three seats (in Quinzano d’Oglio, Brescia, in Soncino, Cremona, and in Milan) and it employs sixteen people who carry out fiscal, accounting, legal and contractual services among many others, for any kind of enterprise.

Since Le Dimore del Quartetto started in 2017, the Studio Michele Assini has always followed our activities pro bono, with passion and willingness.

The Supporter Houses share the same values of Le Dimore del Quartetto: they support the European growth of the organisation and the career of international young musicians while promoting the enhancement of the Italian and European territory.

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Quartetto di Cremona has always supported our activities becoming our testimonial in the world. Performing on international stages, it represents the excellence of the Italian Quartet in the world and is an example of quality and values for our young emerging quartets.   

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