Le Dimore del Quartetto


Le Dimore del Quartetto is an organisation based in Milan, that sustains young string ensembles and enhances the European cultural heritage of historic houses, in a circular economy.

Our main activity is based on the simple exchange of concerts for hospitality. Usually, quartets and trios contact us when they have an artistic commitment far from home, and we find a house of our network that is willing to host the musicians for a period of maximum one week. To thank the house owners, the ensembles play for them a concert which is always free for the audience, and which can be either open to the whole community or private for a few friends.

A Circular Economy is therefore created out of this idea, and every people involved receives back way more than the resources that have been used:
• houses open their spaces and activities to a well-structured cultural activity
• quartets rehearse and study together in quiet and inspiring places
• audiences participate to high-quality concerts where they are given the possibility not only to listen to chamber music, but also to experience the emotions of the musicians and of the environment

Today, Le Dimore del Quartetto, with a consolidated network of houses, ensembles and partners in the fields of music and of the artistic heritage, is specialized in planning and in the management of diverse projects, such as
• festivals and travel itineraries aimed at discovering and enhancing the territories’ heritage and chamber music
• masterclasses and training programs for musicians
• educational projects for primary and secondary schools and universities
• team-building activities for companies
• residencies and concerts in historic houses and other places of cultural interest


The idea was born in Milan in 2015, when President Francesca Moncada recognised the needs and peculiarities of string quartets and historic houses.

The String Quartet
It is not only the main enxemble of chamber music, but also a team work and a human experiment in which every instrument has the same importance as the others. Compactness and strength are crucial. Every interpretative choice is the result of a long and complex mediation between four individuals, four hearts and four voices. This all requires long periods of intensive study and life together.  Particularly at the beginning of their careers, the ensembles need low-cost spaces where to work together for some days.

The Historic Houses
There are over 60,000 historic houses on in Italy, and everywhere they represent the history and the culture of a place. Especially when they are located in small towns, they represent the only touristic interest pole and the only landmark of the territory. The owners inherit the property together with the high costs of maintenance and they feel the responsibility to hand down and to preserve its historic and the cultural heritage to the future generations.
Our network is composed of private houses, accommodations, museums, foundations, ateliers, agricultural estates. Even if it is hard to unify all their needs and characteristics, there are a few elements that equates them: the availability of unused spaces and the necessity to be lived through sustainable activities.

The Dimore are also extraordinary productive realities with stories to tell and incredible experiences to live. Click here to find out about their products, their offers and to be inspired by their magic.




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In addition, we offer different types of services to private people and to businesses, which are activities engaging the Quartets and Houses of our network. Take a look here at all the services.

Sure! House concerts are a unique opportunity to experience live chamber music and feel a particular closeness with the musicians.
You can hire one of our quartets in a date and place indicated by you. Discover our quartets or propose a programme/composer, and our artistic director will find the most appropriate quartet to meet your requests.

– if you own a house and you would like to host musicians and concerts, check here how to join us;
– if you play in a string quartet or trio and you would like to join us, check here how to do it. 

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