Le Dimore del Quartetto


Le Dimore del Quartetto offers the best services to support your business: organisation of concerts for private events and meetings, photos and videos shootings, team-building activities and in-company trainings.

A String Quartet is first of all a team composed of four different people who found their career and musical activities on trust, creativity, diversity, shared leadership and dynamic equilibrium.These are the main topics that a String Quartet can inspire to a working team.


FOURISMORE strengthen your teams by introducing the noble principles guiding the work of a string quartet.

Whether you are a board of directors, a group of colleagues or whether it is about the interaction within an office, it is necessary to develop the culture of communication enhancing both the expression and the listening. The final product or service reflects the ability to communicate and to create virtuous exchanges within a team. In this sense, the Quartet is a metaphor for an enterprise. 

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Make your events and meetings more professional and engaging by enriching them with our tailor-made and high-quality concerts! Our team organises more than 200 concerts a year in historic houses, castles, theatres, gardens, farmhouses and more. 

• Choose a place where to host the concert, or ask us about the availability of a House in our network
• We select the ensemble for you within our network (string quartets or trios, or  piano quartets or trios)
• The music programme is agreed together with our Artistic Director so to guide you toward the most appropriate choice of musics for your guests
• Take advantage of our team for your concert’s communication: whether it is private or public, we can create a digital music programme, the official invitation and a poster

Are there any activities or products that you would like to promote? Organise the concert alongside your promotional activities.

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Take part in our concerts organised for the most exclusive events. Promote your activities with the other guests and dedicate yourself to the implementation and strengthening of your network.

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Promote the activities of your business and of your team, communicate effectively by emphasising your strengths. Rely on our professional photographers and video-makers to improve your image.

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Le Dimore del Quartetto’s personalised shoppers are a must-have! Elegant, simple, comfortable and high-quality. Write to us your idea, send us a file with a detail of a picture to be printed and we will reply with the draft of the final product.

9,30€ each (taxes included), for minimum 100 shoppers; withdrawal in Milan or delivery at your expenses.