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The territorial identity of the Historic Houses narrated through their products, activities and unique experiences selected by Le Dimore del Quartetto

In the Historic Houses, besides music and beauty, we find the care and love of the owners whom, from one generation to another, pass on treasures and knowledges. The passion for the territory is handed down in everything that they do, in all the products and experiences which they propose. Many Houses, in fact, are extraordinary productive realities, with a fascinating story to tell.

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Newsletter 06/2022

Music is a journey itself. Travel, for listening to music, is the most evident demonstration of the relationship between music and travel.” – Filippo Annunziata

The new Products & Lifestyle newsletter is dedicated to journeys and music festivals that collaborate with Le Dimore del Quartetto, to let you discover authentic itineraries and listen to incredible classical music, in Italy, Norway and United Kingdom. 

Discover all the experiences offered by the Houses, select the location, products and experiences that interest you the most!

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Then Christmas continued  at my grandparents’ house – my uncle Xico would join my grandfather and together with my family they would play the piano, accordion and the Portuguese guitar, filling the evening with songs, between supper and presents. It was a magical Christmas.” – Guta Moura Guedes

The newsletter of Products and Atmosphere is dedicated to the stories, families and holiday’s traditions. A narration to let you know about the proposal and the products of the Houses of our network, which could be gifted for Christmas.

Read the newsletter or click here to read the editorial by Guta Moura Guedes

Houses and wines: quality products,
expression of the places where they are made

“To work everyday in virtue of the love for this land, the desire to protect it and the capacity to imagine every day a new way to appreciate it.”
– Vito Planeta

Una newsletter di Prodotti e Atmosfere dedicata alla produzione vinicola locale e territoriale. Una splendida occasione per scoprire nuovi vini e portarli sulle vostre tavole.

A Products and Lifestyle’s newsletter is dedicated to local and territorial wine production. A wonderful opportunity to discover new wines and bring them to your tables.

Read the newsletter or click here to read the editorial by Vito Planeta

The Houses,
their beauty
and our Italian summer

“To regain possession of our senses as a source of knowledge, train our gaze to stop on details, return to places to find a memory or to open up to new suggestions” – Paola Dubini

A newsletter of Products and Lifestyle dedicated to slow and sustainable tourism, discovering magical places in contact with traditions and beauties.

Read the newsletter or click here to read the editorial by Paola Dubini

The Houses, their gardens and their stories

“The simplest wonders of nature always overcome the most perfect works of art.” Giambattista Cremonesi, 1840

An inspirational newsletter to plant your own garden. It gives you ideas and advices on how to make your garden a magic place!

Read the newsletter or click here to read the editorial by Aloisa Moncada di Paternò

A newsletter full of unique proposals, products and activities selected by Le Dimore del Quartetto

Maria Renata Leto tells about her Christmas

“It’s a complicated year, but I feel like starting to think about Christmas – like never before – can make us smile again, even for a while. Let me introduce myself, I’m Maria Renata, lifelong friend of Francesca Moncada, soul of Le Dimore del Quartetto: a passion for beauty and love for music binds us. When we met again some time ago in Paris on the occasion of a wonderful musical afternoon, we promised each other that sooner or later we would have done something together, and here I am telling you about how I will color my Christmas and that of my loved ones, despite everything…”

Read the newsletter or click here to read the editorial by Maria Renata Leto

During such a complicated year like 2020, Le Dimore del Quartetto is committed to supporting the production of the Historic Houses through the value of networking. The journey to discover the beauty and history of our lands begins.





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