Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Villa Trabia was built by Michele Gravina, prince of Comitini, in mid-1700s, following the project of the architect, Abbot Nicolò Palma. The Villa was then bought by the prince Pietro Lanza di Trabia, who, in 1890, restored the villa modifying its original aspect.

The current neoclassical structure of the villa shows pilasters, architraves and decorations made of white plaster on a dark grey background. These plaster decorations, together with the two allegorical sculptures on the side of the facade and the vases in the attic, represent the few traces of baroque on the exterior of the house. The decorations and frescos in the internal rooms were made by Elia Interguglielmi between 1796 and 1797.

At the ground floor, one can pass through the main entrance and reach a large room with vaults, from where one can access the garden.  At the centre of the fountain in front of the main entrance, there is the statue Abbondanza of Marabitti, a great work of art which once was located inside of Villa Butera. The sculptor wanted to portray with pure marble the image of a fascinating woman full of sweet sentimentalism, with the eyes looking at the infinite, richful in flowers and fruits, almost offering herself.