Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Villa Luigina dates back to the 16th century. According to the ancient land registry of the Municipality of Chieri the villa appears to have belonged in 1587 to Ercole Tana dei Signori di Santena. It was built as a pavilion or hunting lodge or as a holiday home.
As Marta Tana married Ferrante Gonzaga, giving birth to San Luigi Gonzaga, the Tana family of ancient and great nobility was related to the Gonzaga family.
In 1735, after some troubles of the Tana family, the property went to the Compagnia di Gesù (the Society of Jesus, a religious order) that appointed the royal architect Mario Ludovico Quarini.
The restoration documents of his intervention are kept in the Historical Archives of Turin. Only after the suppression of the religious orders, during the Napoleonic period, the Villa returned to be a private property and various families came in succession: from Carlo Antonio Porporati to Galleani di Canelli to Baron Giulio di Kendelstein. In 1886 it was bought again by the Jesuits. The Villa has belonged now to the current family for about 30 years.
The villa has an unusual symmetrical plan and is immersed in a panoramic park with big centuries-old trees. The presence of many scenic perspectives typically baroque makes the architectural elements of the villa and the natural elements of the park perfectly blended and harmonized. Only 15 km from Turin and still surrounded by eight hectares of the original estate, Villa Luigina hosts weddings, corporate and cultural events.