Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Villa La Contessa is a XVII century villa, owned by the family Oldoini, a family of Cremona who settled in La Spezia around the XV century.
The villa is set in a small village called “Toracca” of much older history. The village in fact, accordingly to the feudal tradition, was completely self-sufficient, relying on a mill and vast land cultivated with every type of horticultural product. The house is characterised by the traditional Ligurian red and is adjacent to the caretaker’s house, as in the tradition of the Oldoini family.
The Villa, bequeathed from generation to generation, came as legacy from her father Filippo ro Virigina Oldoini, better known as the  Countess of Castiglione. Virginia Oldoini stayed there long, both before and after the mission to the Court of Napoleon III, to whom she was assigned by Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour.
Worth mentioning in the architecture of the villa is the chapel consecrated in 1768 accordingly to the will of Grimaldo Oldoini, Virginia’s ancestor.
Virginia Oldoini used to call the estate, including the Villa and fourteen mezzadrie, my “Mountain” and in fact, the position open on “The Gulf of Poets”, enjoys a magnificent panorama and gives those who benefit from it, the impression of being on a mountain. It was a property much loved by Virginia, who in fact, in the last days of her life, mentions in her last letters her concern at the idea that it could be mortgaged by her creditors.
In the late IXX century, the Villa was subject to some renovations works to adapt to the taste of the time: a double staircase and decorations depicting putti were added. Probably the works had been commissioned from the same Virginia. The completely restored Villa has kept both the plant and the original furnishings. Sometimes, one has the feeling that Virgina could pop out from one moment to another, in any of the twenty rooms of the Villa.