Le Dimore del Quartetto


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The mansion was built in 1773 by Architect Rambaudi for the Baron De Laugier as holiday place. It includes a wonderful park a chapel and some farmsteads. Located not far from the town of Racconigi, it was totally self-sufficient.
The decoration and the furnishings have been created by the same artist who worked in the Royal Castle of Racconigi.
The mansion is of typical French inspiration. Visitors are welcomed guided through its ancient rooms and parks with centenary trees.
The park gets its actual layout from many hands. Starting from the beginning of the XVII century thanks to the well known Architect and Landscaper Giacomo Pregliasco which gave it its romantic layout (1819).
Through the years there have been many studies of the Tenuta Berroni, especially carried out by the University of Architecture, Landscaping and Agriculture.