Le Dimore del Quartetto


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The Fellowship of the SS. Rosario in Santa Cita was founded in 1570 after the split with the homonymous company based in San Domenico and ushered in his oratory in 1686. The company, one of the richest and most prestigious, constrained to a rigid behavioral protocol, he devoted himself to charitable works and the forgiveness of sins through forms of indulgence.
The Oratorio di Santa Cita remarks on a model of the oratory as a place of assembly and worship, liturgical and social functions with a double and with architectural contrast between the exterior and the interior beautifully decorated very modest. The Oratorio is decorated with elegant baroque stucco made by Giacomo Serpotta between 1685 and 1690. The pivotal episode of the oratorio, performed at the center of the counter to the apse, is the historic Battle of Lepanto in which the Christian fleet, protected by Our Lady of the Rosary, wins against the Turks.