Le Dimore del Quartetto


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The town house was built following the Parisian model, i.e between courtyard and garden, on land originally occupied by three houses bought in 1750 by Pierre-Joseph de la Roche, the new legal counsel of the city, that he demolished. The architectural concept was directly inspired by the greatest contemporary achievements, notably the Hôtel de Matignon and the Palais de l’Elysée, reproduced in architectural treatises published in Paris.

The result is a striking inner courtyard, hidden behind the austere street façade. The façade of the main courtyard entrance, ten meters high, provides excellent acoustics for chamber music, while the porch wing forms a screen to the street.

This house has drawn its prestige from the amount of natural light pouring into it, at a time when lighting was limited to the sun and candlelight. The entrance hall and the main salons benefit from double exposure to the courtyard and garden. The courtyard itself sparkles thanks to the irregular surface of its mouth-blown glass.

The four-year complete restoration programme of this family home will be finalised in Spring 2023.