Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Marta Peño Arcenillas, violin
Luis Agustín Rodríguez Lisbona, violin
Aurora Rus Tomé, viola 
Arnold Rodríguez Zurrón, cello

Cuarteto Iberia was formed in Madrid at the end of 2017 by four young players with a shared passion for chamber music. Since its creation, the quartet has kept the musical traditions of their teachers, but have also added a new point of view to the interpretation of the great pieces from the repertoire.

Since they were very young, the individual desires of each member to deeply study of the works written for string quartet led to the creation of this formation. This is the greatest exponent of their artistic expression and the way to achieve an exceptional musical atmosphere.
One of the best qualities of the quartet is their versatility to embrace music of diverse composers and to create projects based on the research and study of authors from different periods and style.

Great critical reception of their participation in the Boccherini Open Gold Festival in 2018 for their interpretation of the work of Luigi Boccherini impulses a career that was promising from the beginning.
They have also attended masterclasses and festivals in 
Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Luzern, Weikersheim or Madrid, receiving lessons from Alban Berg Quartett, Artemis Quartett or Kuss Quartett among others.

In 2019, they received a scholarship from Jeunesses Musicales International and were invited to take part in the International Chamber Music Campus in Weikersheim, Germany – one of the most prestigious festivals for string quartet. In this festival, they performed the two viola quintet of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart alongside William Coleman in the concert organized by the Rotary Club in the Rittersaal of Schloss Weikersheim.

In June 2021 they obtain a place to study in the class of string quartet at the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg with the Univ.Prof. Cibrán Sierra.

Since 2022 they are Quartet in Residence at Museo Lázaro Galdiano in Madrid and they have been selected to join Le Dimore del Quartetto network.