Le Dimore del Quartetto


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The Castello di Rossino occupies a historically strategic position atop a promontory at the foot of Mount Resegone, overlooking the picturesque village of Rossino, Calolziocorte below that, and Val San Martino.
Looking out on “that branch of Lake  Como, which turns toward the south”, made famous worldwide by  Alessandro Manzoni’s most renowned novel “The Betrothed”, for centuries the castle has fascinated poets and writers, including Manzoni himself, who used it as the setting for the home of the infamous Innominato (Unnamed)  in his novel.
The complex building of medieval origins dates back to the thirteenth century and was one of the strongholds of the powerful Benaglio family, lords of Val San Martino.
After being given to the Rota family, the castle became a trade location for wool and silk merchants and played an important role in tax collection in the territory. Today, five of the original six towers remain. One of these was adapted into a manor in the Nineteenth century.
Subsequently subject to careful restoration aimed at preserving the charm and beauty of the ancient structures while making them completely viable, the Rossino Castle is today one of the oldest certified historic dwellings in Lombardy, and is a picturesque location for weddings, corporate and private events, in the magical setting of Lake Como and its unforgettable views.
Open all year round thanks to a particularly favorable climate and well-heated rooms, Castello di Rossino also allows guests to enjoy its beautiful gardens from Spring to Fall.