Le Dimore del Quartetto


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The majestic Castello di Proceno is found in far northern Lazio, between gently rolling hills and rocky crags in an oasis of peace and tranquillity. Originally a medieval fortress desired by the Pope to protect these border lands, the Castello maintains its original splendid pentagonal stone walls to this day. In buildings connected to the fortress, seven apartments are pristinely restored and period-accurately furnished with antique family heirlooms.
Driven by a desire to surround herself with people who love history, nature and all forms of art, the Castello’s owner Cecilia Cecchini Bisoni greets her guests here, with a small reception office where one can find tourist itineraries, historical information and interesting facts, or simply enjoy a good glass of wine. The grounds of the Castello di Proceno include a tavern in the old wine cellar and a restaurant in the park that offers a perfect synthesis of local and national cuisine. Classical music, candlelight and the perfume of the flowers growing in the gardens that surround the Castello lend it a unique atmosphere.