Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Pianello, the original center of Muro Lucano, is set on a steep ridge below the castle to which is connected by a tortuous and narrow path. Its location and traditional residential grouping make it extremely suggestive. 
The origin of the castle of Muro Lucano is uncertain, in the second half of the IX century a longboardian fortress was erected in order to protect the borders of the Duchy of Salerno. In 1269, during the Angevin era, Pietro di Hugot thanks to the investiture of Charles I of Anjou became lord of Muro. In 1389 Queen Giovanna I of Naples was murdered here by order of Carlo di Durazzo.  Only in 1483 Muro became a County by concession of the Aragonese Alfonso I Rex utriusque Siciliae. The first Count was the rich Neapolitan Mazzeo Ferrillo. Mazzeo initiated works of great transformation and deep change. In fact, he built the two towers and the drawbridge. Beatrice, the niece of Mazzeo, will marry Ferdinando Orsini, Duke of Gravina. From this moment on, the Castle will be part of the feudal territories of the Orsini. This will last until 1806, when feudalism is abolished.  
In 1694 an earthquake seriously damaged the castle obliging the Orsini to important works of consolidation and structural changes. In 1830 the castle was sold by Bernualdo III to Francesco Domenico Lordi.
Again, in 1980 the castle was again damaged by an earthquake. In the ’80s and’ 90s the castle was consolidated with the restoration of the walls, the inner areas, the stable and the medieval parts.