Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Cascina Castello is located in Cortetano, approximately 10 km from Cremona. Its structure with a close courtyard is typical of Lombard farms.
In the XI century the area hosted Benedictine Monks and a castle. It is assumed that Cascina Castello has been built on this site, even though it does not seem to date back to before the XV century.  It became a fief under the Persico family, and then was inherited by the Schizzi family in the XVIII century and by the Camozzi family in 1815.
At the beginning of the XX century the Italian journalist Vitaliano Ponti, that collaborated with Tommaso Filippo Marinetti, Sem Benelli and other renowned intellectuals of the time, lived in the Cascina. The current landlords own the villa since the 1960s.