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Borgo Sant’Ambrogio is a beautiful historic estate surrounded by miles of unspoilt natural landscapes. The property lies in the heart of Tuscany, halfway between two valleys rich in culture, natural beauty and excellent food and wine: the Val d’Orcia and the Val di Chiana. The landholding is made up of two complementary parts. The estate proper, with its orchards and cultivated land, includes a fully operational organic farm, with organic olive oil as its most regarded product. A large resort, made up of six luxury apartments and several hospitality facilities, is the ideal backdrop for weddings, receptions and business-related meetings.
The Borgo is nestled in a Nature Reserve, offering stunning views of the lake and the surrounding hills, patterned with groves and orchards. This guarantees our guests an experience of total privacy and quiet.
The resort is built around a charming pebble-paved square. It includes six spacious apartments, a reception with a wine cellar and a local product shop, a light-filled hall for meetings and events, a restaurant with vaulted ceilings, a swimming pool and a lovely chapel.
Borgo Sant’Ambrogio has been in the same family for three generations. Time has passed, but their deep sense of hospitality, coupled with a profound respect for nature and its wealth, has remained unchanged.



Borgo Sant’Ambrogio at Christmas time reserves a 5% discount on accomodation to Le Dimore del Quartetto’s Friends.

Our six apartments (for a total of 11 rooms) are accessible from the central square through a charming “cordonata” (a typically Italian ramped staircase) leading up to the courtyard.

The elegantly furnished apartments take their names after the varieties of olive trees grown in the Sant’Ambrogio Organic Farm. As a welcome gift, guests can be treated to a taste of our very own organic extra-virgin olive oil on a piece of toasted local bread.

– The Leccino apartment is named after one of the most common cultivars grown in our organic farm. A very common variety in the area of Florence and Pistoia, the leccino is highly productive and its fruit has an early and simultaneous ripening process. The apartment features a light-filled living room with two windows framing beautiful views of Palazzo Massaini and Pienza respectively, while the spacious bedroom boasts a private terrace. Because of the degree of privacy that the Leccino offers, it makes for a perfect bridal apartment. It also features a second bedroom, which can be separated from the rest of the apartment and occupied by other guests.

– The Moraiolo apartment takes its name after a very common cultivar in Italy and in several other Mediterranean countries. The oil it yields is particularly valued for its antioxidant properties. The apartment has a typical two-level structure, with a deluxe room on the ground floor (with disabled access – can be occupied separately) and a second bedroom on the first floor.

– The Maurino apartment takes its name from a typical central-Italian olive tree variety, highly pollinating and compatible with a large numbers of cultivars. The apartment has courtyard access and is on one single level, so it is especially suitable for families with children. The main room boasts a typically Tuscan segmental arch, while the spacious living room and the two bedrooms offer a wonderful view of the valley and the lake.

– The Olivastra apartment is named after a variety of olive tree unique to the Monte Amiata region of southern Tuscany. A highly productive tree, it yields an oil with very specific organoleptic properties. The suite apartment has a spacious hall with a fireplace and a staircase leading up to the bedroom. From here, our guests can enjoy a view of the slopes of Monte Amiata. The Olivastra apartment is especially suitable for couples looking for a real experience of peace and relaxation.

– The Correggiolo apartment is named after the most common variety of Tuscan olive tree, whose oil is widely acclaimed for its taste and aroma. Both the living room and the two bedrooms can be accessed directly through the garden, which makes the Correggiolo particularly suitable for families with children, as well as for couple looking for some privacy and seclusion. In the living room, a rustic little corner with a bench and a fireplace is the perfect spot for a relaxing fireside chat.

– The Pendolino apartment owes its name to a cultivar that is indispensable to any olive grove. As well as yielding its own excellent oil, the Pendolino variety is in fact a universal pollinator for every other variety. The apartment extends over two levels: on the ground floor, a spacious living room offers guests the unique sight of an ancient jar, hollowed out underground in the tuff rock, which was once used for the storage of grains. On the first floor there are two bedrooms, one of which has garden access, while the other offers a beautiful view of Pienza and the lake. A spacious patio outside the living room is the ideal spot for relaxing and contemplating the starry sky on cool summer nights.

For more information: www.borgosantambrogio.com/en/room/appartamenti

The restaurant is situated on the ground floor of the building where the meeting room is also found. The beautiful ribbed vaults and the soft torch-lit setting evoke the rustic country inns of times gone by. The area is tastefully furnished and decorated and can accommodate up to 120 people. Like every other space in Sant’Ambrogio, the restaurant too can be modified with your help to suit all your personal requirements.

On the same level as the restaurant, a light-filled verandah can be used for setting up breakfasts, luncheons, buffets or sitting dinners. 

Tuscan charcuterie
20€ per person

The restaurant of Borgo Sant’Ambrogio offers a Tuscan charcuterie board with cheeses and a bruschetta with their new olive oil – which can be also be purchased directly at the Reception – accompanied by a glass of red wine.


Borgo Sant’Ambrogio is available to provide the elegant spaces of the resort as the theater of your event and to reconfigure them, with their assistance, according to your personal needs. The location boasts many environments on which you can project your wishes and offers a complete suite of services for guests such as wireless internet coverage, bar, reception service, product corner and swimming pool.

Borgo Sant’Ambrogio is able to host civil, Catholic and symbolic ceremonies. The halls, the chapel and the park are completely available to the spouses to design the wedding of their dreams. Borgo Sant’Ambrogio also undertakes to supervise the coordination of all the professionals involved in the preparation, staging and carrying out of the ceremonies.

Several specialized services are offered including:

– Wedding planning
– Catering and restaurant
– Hospitality
– Flower arrangements and decorations 
– Music and entertainment

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Borgo Sant’Ambrogio is not only a place to enjoy memorable occasions such as grand events, receptions and ceremonies. In collaboration with our partners, we can offer some very special experiences for our guests, enabling them to enjoy the beauty and pleasures of the region during their stay. Below is a selection of the activities that it is possible to organize during your free time:

– Excursions
– Cycle rides
– Horse riding
– Food and wine tours and wine, oil and food tasting courses

To find out about the other activities organized by Borgo Sant’Ambrogio and receive more information:

Sant’Ambrogio is a certified organic farm. Our produce is grown using organic and sustainable practices with an eye to traditional methods of production and harvesting. Environmental and microclimatic conditions in this area of Tuscany are nothing short of ideal and this enables the production of top quality organic goods. Our produce includes grains (wheat, barley, oats), fodder, lumber and truffle (black, white and scorzone variety).

We take special pride in our extra-virgin olive oil, of which we produce over 3000 liters a year. Our extra-virgin olive oil is organic and ICEA-certified: cold pressed and unfiltered, it is bottled at the Fregoli olive mill in Pienza, a long-standing collaborator of Sant’Ambrogio organic farm. 


The history of Sant’Ambrogio goes back as far as the 17th century, with the laying of the main building’s foundations. The southern and northern wings and the farm holding, as well as the restaurant and the meeting hall, date back to the beginning of the 20th century.

In the 1700s, Borgo Sant’Ambrogio used to be a nunnery dedicated to Saint Ambrose of Milan (hence the name). A coeval portrait of the saint is still housed on the premises, while a layer of frescoes has been recently discovered under the nineteenth-century frescoes in the manor house.

In 1971, Ranieri and Maria Teresa Apollonj Ghetti acquired the estate from the Contucci family of Montepulciano. Ranieri and Maria Teresa were awe-struck by the sheer beauty of the estate and the surrounding countryside, a territory marked by centuries of history. They chose the Sant’Ambrogio estate as the perfect place to revel in the extraordinary peace and quiet of rural Tuscany, together with their six children.

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