Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Charme and relax in Sorrento peninsula: a XVII Century monastery transformed in a manor house. The farm, at 400 m. upon the sea, in a fascinating natural position overlooking the Sorrento peninsula and Bay of Naples and the Vesuvius is composed by different historical buildings and it is surrounded by 15 hectars of lands, partly cultivated  (orchards, vineyards, olive grows) and partly spontaneous  (wood of chestnut trees).
Suspended between sky and sea, this charming dwelling suggests to return in peace with oneself and others, throughout the contemplation of nature and the discovery of agricultural life.
It is difficult to imagine to be a few km from Sorrento (km 10), Pompei (km 22) and the Amalfi coast (km 20) and at the same time away from crowds and traffic, but all doubts are washed away as you are approaching Astapiana Villa Giusso.
In 1822, the property was bought by Luigi Giusso, duke of Galdo, the present owner’s ancestor. Now Erminia, Giovanna and Giulia invite you to experience their hospitality and the beauty and fascination of this historical site.