Le Dimore del Quartetto


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Antica Casa Balsari was built in 1695 and is located in the main square of the town of Borgo Ticino, close to the Town Hall. Originally, the house was the home of the Balsari family, who were 18th century Pharmacists, later with a pharmacy overlooking Piazza Martiri.
During the fascist reprisals of 13th August 1944 the pharmacy was destroyed by German military forces and all the historical heritage of antique furniture and pharmaceutical prescriptions and recipes were lost.
To revamp the Balsari family’s passion  for  music, the building has been decorated  with a musical theme, books and instruments.
Each apartment is a tribute to a renowned Italian composer to celebrate our Italian cultural heritage.



Imagine entering through a passage embellished with delicate frescoes into an enchanted garden. At Antica Casa Balsari, you will be immersed in the scents of olea fragrans, laurel and aromatic herbs. As soon as you cross the threshold of one of the bright and comfortable apartments, you will feel the tiredness that you carry with you go away and you will begin to relax deeply.

You too deserve to surround yourself with beautiful things, with culture, with nature. You deserve to live your passions, to be pampered, to experience new levels of well-being. Antica Casa Balsari is here for this reason, to welcome you in the moments of your life when you feel the need for it.

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The Balsari family from Borgo Ticino is an ancient family dedicated to the study of nature and care. Ancient apothecaries first and pharmacists then, the Balsari’s have always played an important role in the social life of the town, making the house a place of culture and study. Graduated since the end of the eighteenth century, they have handed down the cult of study and knowledge at a high level. In addition, they had a great passion for music: it is for this reason that today the apartments – renovated for tourist use – are a tribute to famous Italian composers, and from this year the cultural activity was inaugurated with artistic events and conferences. A well-stocked library is available to the guests of the House, where in the oldest part one you will be surrounded by family memories, ancient texts and important memoir that have come to us from both world wars. Antica Casa Balsari offers a unique opportunity for relaxation and contact with nature. In the private garden, you can stroll among ancient camellias, aromatic herbs, azaleas, rhododendrons, olea fragrans and many other plants.

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