MUSA – European young MUsicians soft Skills Alliance is a European vocational training project for young string quartets. It aims to provide them with entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and competences that are usually missing in their curriculum although fundamental for their professional career.

The first edition of MUSA focused on the following themes:

  • the image strategy of the string quartet
  • cross-fertilization between the arts
  • recording and distribution in the recording market and physical and mental preparation of musicians

At the end of the course conducted in presence, in order to make the results of the project accessible to a wide range of musicians, academies and cultural workers, the following are published:

  • The Entrepreneurial String Quartet Handbook, which covers in depth the topics covered during the first edition of MUSA
  • the Course Lecture Notes, a set of slides for quick reference of the topics covered
  • a Case Study on Le Dimore del Quartetto and the MUSA experience
  • a set of Operational Guidelines, useful for all organizations that may embrace the MUSA format for the professional training of young musicians in the future.