Fondazione Laureus Italia Onlus has been operating in the outskirts of Milan, Naples and Rome ever since 2005 in order to support minors who live in conditions of severe socio-economic deprivation. In more than 10 years Laureus Italia has involved over 5000 children in more than 14 projects that offer around 20 different sport activities. Laureus Italia’s work is based on the construction of an important social and sport-related network that includes 30 sport associations, 20 schools and the development of a precise action model.

Thanks to sport, kids have the opportunity to learn fundamental values like:
– Respect of the rules
– Grouping together
– Stronger relations between generations

Back again this year, Le Dimore del Quartetto – donating a private concert – will contribute to gather funds in favor of sport projects financed by Laureus Italia.
The pre-auction will be active from August 1st to September 4th on the platform CharityStars; the highest bets will then participate at the final auction on September 5th.