Tuesday, August 24th 2021, 9.15 pm – Chiesa di Sant’Agostino, Siena


Bruno Giuranna, viola

Lorenzo Nguyen, piano
Edoardo Grieco, violin
Francesco Massimino, cello


Franz Schubert (1797 – 1828) – Piano Trio No. 1, Op. 99
I. Allegro moderato II. Andante un poco mosso III. Scherzo. Allegro. Trio IV. Rondò. Allegro vivace
Richard Strauss (1864 – 1949) – Piano Quartet in C minor, Op. 13
I. Allegro II. Scherzo Presto – Molto meno mosso III. Andante IV. Finale Vivace

The access to the concert is only allowed to those carrying a EU digital COVID certificate.

In order to safely participate, the organization will ensure physical distancing and compliance to the regulation in force. It will also be necessary for all participants to wear masks.


In collaboration with

The concert is part of the “Farulli 100” project

“Piero, a lion within musical notes” – Duilio Courir

The National Committee for the Centenary Celebrations of the birth of Piero Farulli, chaired by Gianni Letta, brings together some of the most illustrious musical institutions in Italy, as well as institutions and bodies of excellence in the Tuscan territory. The “Farulli 100” project was born with the help of some of the countless and excellent students of Piero Farulli to remember – on the occasion of the hundred years since his birth – the disruptive cultural message of a man who for years has worked for free within the institutions, convinced of the ability of the great music to inspire humanity, helping to create a more supportive and harmonious society, fighting his whole life for it to be actively taught and practiced at school from an early childhood.