Le Dimore del Quartetto


The String Quartet as a metaphor for teamwork.

Le Dimore del Quartetto, together with its partners, proposes corporate trainings, team-building activities and social awareness projects that explore the importance of a collaboration based on dialogue and listening. We present the noble principles guiding the work of a string quartet in schools, universities, companies and more through a continuous conversation between the quartet and the participants. The main topics are collaboration, respect, trust, democracy, shared leadership, inclusion and diversity. The string quartet is indeed not only a musical ensemble, but also a team from which drawing inspiration.

Music becomes the means rather than the end, through which spreading the Culture of Dialogue as a noble principle at the base of a society.

Icastic Consulting is a studio that creates systemic visualizations in the organizational development sector. The idea is to put a long experience in graphic design at the service of collective thinking. The main activity is consultancy for any level of organization, and takes place in three phases that revolve around the moment of meeting with the work group: visualization (before), mapping (during), and development (after).
The return of “made to measure” visual metaphors offers the organization the tool for an overview, support for data visualization and the starting point for identifying future dynamics.
Icastic Consulting develops laboratories and tools offered independently or works alongside board advisors and professional trainers in classroom work.

The present-day Società del Quartetto is the product of an evolution that was initiated in 1864 by Arrigo Boito and Tito Ricordi, to “encourage and disseminate devotion to good music through public and private concerts, especially in the Quartet and Symphonic genres.”

This evolution has been innovative yet attentive to tradition, aware of having to adjust to the changed context in which it now has to function.
With respect to tradition, the Quartetto has preserved the excellence of its performers: a quick glance at the musicians who have been our guests during the first part of the new millennium confirms that they are among the few heirs of the legendary von Bülow, Rubinstein, Busoni, Paderewski, Rachmaninoff, Schnabel, Horowitz, Backhaus, Cortot, Gieseking, Serkin, Lipatti, Joachim, Milstein, Heifetz, Casals, Toscanini, Richard Strauss and the many others named in our archives.
The City of Milan has recognized these efforts by conferring the Ambrogino d’oro, the city’s greatest honour, on the Quartetto.


Moving from the belief that art can make a decisive contribution in integrating rational thinking with intuitive and emotional ability, The Artist Partners (TAP) creates new bridges between contemporary art practices and people working across all industries. Specifically, TAP collaborates with organizations interested in experimenting with new solutions and methodologies to address the complex challenges of today’s market. Through artist-led workshops, TAP tackles the issues of organizational culture, leadership, interpersonal communication and motivation at work. Projects are also aimed at generating shared value within the same organisation and its territory. As of today, TAP has worked with national and international organizations such as UBI Banca, La Fabbrica, Enel, the University of Bologna and Banca Leonardo.