Le Dimore del Quartetto


We put our musicians in touch with collectors who offers their instruments on loan:

The Monzino House has been active since 1750 in the production and distribution of musical instruments. This long tradition has made the five Monzino brothers feel the strong responsibility to make available to the community the experience, the competence and the knowledge acquired by the family in the music field.
The family and the Antonio Carlo Monzino Foundation are committed in “spreading the learning of music from childhood, as an irreplaceable training component in our education due to the key function that musical practice can play in the cognitive and behavioral development of a person.”

Among the projects of the Antonio Carlo Monzino Foundation worth mentioning there is “Adotta uno strumento“. Young musicians selected for their talent are given for free an ancient instrument from the Monzino Collection. The aim of “Adotta uno strumento” is twofold: to give new voice to the instrument and guarantee a continuous cultural and professional growth to young artists guaranteeing them a long-term loan.

The Association can count on some marvellous instruments that a member of the Bisiach family is glad to keep alive by handing them over to us. Six violins and a viola of Giacomo Bisiach, a great luthier, last of a dynasty of master luthiers from the highest classical italian tradition. In particular, Giacomo Bisiach, was not only renowned for its ability to varnish and restore the instruments but was also a fine artisan in the construction of new ones. He was active in Milan for over forty years, until 1972, working with his father Leandro junior.