Le Dimore del Quartetto


With the final aim of sustaining its activities of enhancing the artistic heritage while supporting young string quartets, Le Dimore del Quartetto Association offers services that can be perfectly tailored on privates’ needs and wishes.

   Organise a private concert
   Donate a concert to a school, to a hospital or to another organisation
   Donate a scholarship to a Quartet

Organise your concert with us: contact us to know more about the availability of the Houses or Quartets of our network. The concert will be a high-quality one and you will be able to take advantage of our team for its organisation and communication.

Would you like to celebrate your birthday or any special occasion with a String Quartet concert? Are there any activities or products that you would like to promote? Organise the concert alongside your activities.

Le Dimore del Quartetto develop music itineraries for for small groups, with the aim of discovering the most amazing territories of Italy and Europe.

Andante Prestissimo are tailor-made travel itineraries organized by Le Dimore del Quartetto. The concerts of the Quartets in the houses of our network are the leitmotif  of a journey that aims at discovering the most extraordinary territories and the hidden gems of our immense Italian heritage.


Take part in our concerts organised for the most exclusive events. Promote your activities with the other guests and dedicate yourself to the implementation and strengthening of your network.

Contact us to discover our next events.

Rely on our professional photographers and video-makers for the creation of ad-hoc services based on your needs.

Photos: unlimited shots for 2 hours, 250€ (VAT included)
Video: up to 3 hours shooting + editing for a 2:30-minute clip, ​780€ (VAT included)
Package photo + video at 950€ (VAT included) rather than 1030€

TAKE A LOOK HERE at our photos and videos realised

Le Dimore del Quartetto’s personalised shoppers are a must-have! Elegant, simple, comfortable and high-quality. Write to us your idea, send us a file with a detail of a picture to be printed and we will reply with a price estimate and the draft of the final product.

9,30€ each (taxes included), for minimum 100 shoppers; withdrawal in Milan or delivery at your expenses.